WM-SEM227 - Louver versatile sensor

Maritex would like to inform you about the extension of the meteo sensor offer with the Louver versatile sensor WM-SEM227. WM-SEM227 has the ability to integrate several meteorological sensors in one housing with a radiation shield:

  • Air: temperature, humidity, pressure;
  • Illuminance;
  • Noise, CO2, PM2.5 / PM10 / PM1.0, O2, H2S etc. (for details refer to the table below);

  • One-piece radiation box structure with the possibility of integrating several sensors;
  • Integration of TVOC, CH2O, O3, oxygen, H2S, methane, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen (H2), ammonia and many other measuring sensors;
  • The sensor is characterized by a wide measuring range and high water resistance;
  • Electrochemical and catalytic sensors are used in the gas concentration measurement element, which are characterized by excellent sensitivity and repeatability;


ParametersRangeResolution AccuracyPreheating time
Air temperature-40°C~+120°C0.1°C±0.5°C(25°C)≤2min
Air humidity0~100%RH0.1%RH±3%RH(60%RH,25°C)≤2min
Air pressure0~120Kpa0.1Kpa±0.15Kpa@25°C 75Kpa≤2min
Illuminance0-200,000 Lux1Lux±7%(25°C)≤2min
PM2.5 / PM10/PM1.00~1000ug/m3±10%1ug/m3≤2min
CO20~5000ppm1ppm±(40ppm+ 3%F·S)2min
Formaldehyde0~5ppm0.01ppm±5%FS≥5 minutes
Ozone0~10ppm0.01ppm±6%FS≥5 minutes
O20~25%Vol0.1%Vol±3%FS≥5 minutes
H2S0~100ppm1ppm±3%FS≥5 minutes
CH40~100%LEL1%LEL±5%FS≥5 minutes
CO0~1000ppm1ppm±3%FS≥5 minutes
NO20~20ppm0.1ppm±3%FS≥5 minutes
SO20~20ppm0.1ppm±3%FS≥5 minutes
H20~1000ppm1ppm±3%FS≥5 minutes
NH30~100ppm1ppm±2%FS≥5 minutes
Power supplyDC 10-30V(default)
Max. power1.2W
Test parametersTVOC, formaldehyde, O3, Co, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3
Work environmentTemperature – 10°C – 55°C; humidity 0 ~ 95% RH, non condensing
Signal outputRS485 output (standard Modbus RTU protocol), analog output, RJ45
Product materialABS
Installation methodBracket installation


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