• 1W/2W Module Type Medical Grade Unregulated & Isolated DC/DC Converter

    MEAN WELL module type medical grade DC-DC converters have newly launched the MDS01/02-N and MDD01/02-N series with better cost performance following the MDS01/02 and MDD01/02...

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  • XLN/XLC Series: 25W/40W/60W Intelligent LED Power Supply

    MEAN WELL continues to offer a range of standard LED power supplies, incorporating the latest regulations and output dimming isolation designs. The new compact XLN-25/40/60W...

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  • AUTO grade - common mode chokes


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  • THEIA - The goddess of light

    THEIA provides modern outdoor lighting with low pole heights using new low glare LED. It balances perfectly aesthetics with functionality and shows its potential, especially in...

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  • Industrial Plugs & Sockets – 2CMA Series

    These products are used for connection of equipment in all kind of applications where it needs to be possible to connect and disconnect. Amphenol industrial plugs and sockets...

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  • NevadaNano launching new MPS™ 5.0 sensors

    NevadaNano is launching new MPS™ 5.0 sensors, which offer the same advantages as the wider MPS™ range compared to other gas sensor technologies: - 15+ year lifetime - no...

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