Modular design L3 switch with 10G ports

Maritex would like to inform you about adding to the offer new, modular, managed L3 industrial switch with 10G ports – RGS-R9004GP+ME designed by Oring Indutrial Networking.

The RGS-R9004GP+ME comes with 6 slots to offer up to 48 gigabit copper or fiber ports, alongside four fixed 10G SFP+ ports. Users can insert modules in different interfaces based on their requirements and the working environments to deliver unprecedented bandwidth at an affordable cost. The high port density which provides switching fabric up to 176Gbps makes it ideal for large-scale deployments while providing high-performance aggregative connectivity. The versatile copper/fiber combinations guarantee long distance data communications in a cost-effective way between the core layer and the edge layer of your network.


The RGS-R9004GP+ME is an Layer 3 switch; therefore, it can provide higher security and management efficiency. As the RGS-R9004GP+ME supports static and dynamic routing, users can either manage IP addresses manually or let the switch learn and update the routes automatically. The switch will communicate with other Layer 3 switches or routers via RIP routing protocol, a widely-used protocol that will identify the best routing path automatically to ensure fast delivery of data in the shortest time.

Apart from rugged design complying with industrial standards, the RGS-R9004GP+ME is equipped with many redundancy features including redundant power input, support for multiple redundancy protocol, and fanless design with excellent heat dissipation efficiency.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet of the product:


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