BB-400 NeuronEdge – new controller for Industry 4.0

Maritex, authorized distributor of Brainboxes, presents new product which is dedicated to Industry 4.0 applications – BB-400. The device can sense, sort and send your machine data to minimise downtime, speed up response time and maximise profits.

BB-400 is designed using the widely popular Raspberry Pi, which was industrialized by Brainboxes to match all robust demands of industry. The power supply voltage of original Pi (5.1 VDC) was changed to widely used in industrial applications 5-30 VDC – certainly with dual redundant power supply support. In addition, there is a UPS integrated inside the device, which prevents corruption in case of sudden power failure. Moreover, the manufacturer implemented an additional heatsink, which prevents overheating of the whole device and CPU throttling, even if the CPU usage level is at 100%. This allows to double the performance comparing to the original not-industrialized Raspberry Pi.

The BB-400 NeuronEdge combines Brainboxes proven IO and serial connectivity with a range of network connections to allow data to flow to the application of your choice. The innovative design uses a Raspberry Pi Compute module and an Arduino to provide edge processing. The Pi is supported by a power management system, making it match the robust demands of industry. This allows you to develop on Raspberry Pi and deploy seamlessly to the factory floor.


The device offers the flexibility of PC systems with open source API programming options to make integration and customisation user friendly. Combining insights from machinery of all types and ages can be done through a preferred programming language, such as C# and Python or visually in Node-RED, circumventing many of the interoperability issues that have traditionally hampered integrated automation.


  • 8 Digital IO lines
  • Works with common 0-30V sensors
  • 1 Ethernet port for wider network
  • 1 Ethernet port for LAN network
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth – for wireless sensors
  • UPS power management – prevents corruption
  • Dual redundant 5-30 VDC power supply
  • Wide operating temperature range -25 C to +80 C
  • DIN rail mounting

  • Raspberry Pi Compute 3+ module and Arduino processing power
  • Edge processing sends relevant data to your application or the cloud
  • Highly compatible open source software
  • Customise with APIs and Docker containers, REST, Websockets, or .NET APIs
  • Program in your favourite language or use out-of-the-box applications

For more information, please refer to the datasheet of the product:

PDF BB-400

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