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NEXTECH is a company which produces high-quality monitors with wide configuration options. The company’s products have the ability to be customizable in terms of connectors, brightness, type of power supply and touch, the material from which the housing will be made and it’s color. In addition to the wide configuration options, NEXTECH monitors also have the option of using all kinds of filters, to improve visibility or otherwise affect. The monitors also have the option of mounting using VESA mounts and optional open-frame mounting frames.

The brightness of the matrix for most models ends at 1500 nits, so apart from being designed for indoor use, after properly securing the monitors, they can also work in external conditions. In addition to raising the brightness, it is possible to use the “Anti-Reflective (AR Film)” filter. Thanks to it, the content displayed on the screen will be visible even in sunlight and there will be no reflection effect interfering with comfortable use.

Connectors are usually in 3 configurations. Each of them has a standard VGA input and DVI, HDMI or DP as an option. The ability to customize the inputs to a specific query ensures a much better fit of the specific model to the customer’s requirements.

NEXTECH monitors are also available in 3 configurations related to power connections. In addition to the standard “12VDC, DC Power Jack Φ2.1mm”, there is also a possibility of equipping the monitors with a screw connector, which protects the connection against unwanted cutting off the power supply after unplugging the power cable. The last power supply option is to equip the monitor with a Terminal Block connector.

The main types of touch panels in which NEXTECH equips its monitors are capacitive and resistive technologies. The main features that characterize a capacitive panel is its hardness is much higher, than the standards of resistive panels. The number of touch points on the capacitive screen is also significantly higher than on the resistance screen. The specification presented below also shows much better transparency of capacitive panels. However, this technology is more expensive and due to higher sensitivity sometimes undesirable.

NEXTECH products also have the option to be equipped with a stainless steel or aluminium housing. Stainless steel ensures a neat appearance as well as corrosion resistance. Thus, it improves the life of the housing itself. The variant of the monitor housing made of aluminium provides, apart from the above values, also much better thermal conductivity, which means that the monitors better discharge them outside the housing. The material affects not only the appearance, but also the toughness of the device itself. Moreover, possible different colours of the housing make it ideal to use them in applications where aesthetics and maintaining uniform colours are important.

An additional advantage may also be the possibility of using filters that allow, for example:

  • reduce bacteria on the screen surface
  • reduce the reflection effect
  • matt the surface which also translates into the reflection effect
  • reduce the angle of view, and thus protect the displayed content from unwanted sight

Sample models of NEXTECH monitors:



PDF NTM150 V012

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